Best Things to do in Venice Beach

Best Things to do in Venice Beach

Are you searching for things to do in Venice Beach, California? If this is your first time visiting this beautiful beach or you are just a local inhabitant and looking for things to do in Venice Beach, this post is a correct and amazing start for you to have full enjoyment of this beach.

In spite of the fact that it is right on the Pacific Ocean, it is home to a historic boardwalk. It is bumbling with locals of various regions and cultures, visitors from worldwide love to enjoy this place having a free-spirited community and that is all, that makes it an exciting place. There are plenty of amazing things to do in Venice Beach that make it an interesting place of all times in Los Angeles County.

Venice Skatepark

Things to do in Venice Beach

Venice Beach Skatepark is one of California’s most popular and iconic skateboarding spots, and quite possibly in the US, located along the Ocean Front Walk west of Market St. It was built in 2009 and is known as the favorite spot along the boardwalk

Venice Skatepark park has also been featured in various films and videos and professional skateboarders also love to visit here such as Tony Hawk.

Reaching here, you will see the skaters doing different types of skating activities and stunts to show the talents which they gained by practicing immensely.

Enjoy a Casual Stroll Along Venice Beach Boardwalk (Ocean Front Walk)

Things to do in Venice Beach

Spending the afternoon strolling along the Ocean Front Walk is one of the great things to do in Venice Beach which starts in Playa del Rey and ends past the Venice Beach Boardwalk. It is also dog-friendly but never let them from getting on the beach because this may be harmful to them.

The entrance along Washington Blvd is quieter because here is the Venice residential area. Along the walk, you will find some beach homes also. On the trail next to you, you can observe bikers or roller skaters enjoying the salty fresh air.

After leaving this residential portion of Oceanfront and crossing the street at North Venice Blvd, you will enter the heart of Venice Beach Boardwalk. After entering the boardwalk, there are so many amazing and fascinating things to enjoy for children. So if you’re making your trip with your kids, let them enjoy it to the fullest.

There are so many visitors from different areas, street musicians, and performers amongst street vendors and shops of various kinds. It’s a great place for people to watch and soak in the culture of Venice Beach.

Venice Fishing Pier

Things to do in Venice Beach

Take Washington Street all the way west till you reach the Venice Beach parking lot, and straight ahead, you’ll find the Venice Fishing Pier. The pier is open to the public, and the best thing is that no fishing license is required to fish from here and anyone visiting here can enjoy this task.

The pier made here is for a great long walk out into the Pacific Ocean. You can see as far out as nearby Santa Monica or the Palos Verdes peninsula on a clear day and can capture memorable images there and can make reels as well if you’re a social media lover. You can also watch the netizens by the pier trying to catch a wave or two and enjoy. But sometimes, it gets quite windy near the shores and be harmful in Venice Pier.

Rent a Bicycle or a Bike & Ride from Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier

Things to do in Venice Beach

Another joyful thing to do in Venice is a lovely ride from Venice to Santa Monica Pier via the Marvin Braude trail. It’s also one of the favorite Venice Beach activities among local inhabitants.

This trail is 22 miles, it is called “The Strand” by the local people. You can ride onto a path from a couple of spots in Venice Beach. The most common and famous ride in this area is to enjoy it up to Santa Monica Pier and vice versa.

This famous ride along the beach is next to the Pacific Ocean. You can also capture the view of the beautiful coastline. It’s a ride worth swaggering about once you get back home.

Explore the Venice Canals

Things to do in Venice Beach

The Venice Canals are an idyllic remnant of what things were like over 100 years ago in Venice when it was a beachfront resort town. At that time, the area used to be 3-4 times larger than it is today.

The idyllic scene in Venice Canals is reminiscent of Venice, Italy, and keeping that in his mind the founder has developed it. So, by this, you will somehow feel that you are transported to Europe. There is a mixture of attractive homes, some of them with Italian-style architecture, and various others are well crafted by Craftsmen.

In 1990, the Venice Canals were added to the National Register of Historic Places with a lot of pride for everything relevant to them. This historic landmark is considered one of the top things to do in Venice Beach

Check out Muscle Beach

Things to do in Venice Beach

Venice Beach is known as home to the world-famous weightlifting and bodybuilding outdoor gym named Muscle Beach which is one of the Venice Beach attractions you won’t miss while on the boardwalk.

People of all body shapes are found doing workouts here but the maximum among them are heavily muscled gym lovers. The best time to visit here is during the day when they are open, and all the serious weightlifters are working out, fueling their bodies.

One of the most interesting facts about this Gym is that Arnold Schwarzenegger trained here during his bodybuilding competition days.

Picnic at Venice Beach

Things to do in Venice Beach

Other things to do in Venice Beach are to have a picnic with your family or friends or grab some food nearby and have a picnic at the beach alone. On a day having good weather, there is no better way to spend it than, listening to the waves break, relaxing at the shore, and watching the boats sailing nearby.

Abbot Kinney Boulevard

Abbot Kinney Boulevard is a famous street in Venice, California, that runs perfectly from Washington Boulevard to Venice Boulevard. It is named after Abbot Kinney, by whom the Venice neighborhood was invented

It is famous to be considered one of the most trendy streets in Los Angeles. It is sometimes called ” Bohemian Rodeo Drive” by many, but it is more down-to-earth than Rodeo. You won’t find top luxury brand stores here which are money-consuming, rather you’ll find some great boutique shops, flower shops, some delicious high-quality food for foodies, art galleries, and more.

Keep an Eye Out for Street Art

Things to do in Venice Beach

While exploring Venice and Venice Beach, you’ll find many fantastic street arts in different forms with attractive colors and structures. You can have your cool selfies here and post them on your social media to have numerous likes and comments.

Everything drawn is made with such a fantastic technique covering every fine aspect of art that can only be understood by a perfect artist.

Watch Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower

Things to do in Venice Beach

The Venice Pride Flag Lifeguard Tower is farther north of the skatepark. This tower on Venice Beach was painted by artist Patrick Marston in 2017 in partnership with Venice Pride. It is a symbol of celebration and encouraging the acceptance of the local LGBTQ community. This rainbow tower is a famous photo spot in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

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