Know the Best Food Trucks in New York City

Know the Best Food Trucks in New York City

It only makes sense that food trucks—meals-on-wheels NYC’s previously restricted to serving basic foods like burgers and hot dogs—have begun to compete with Gotham’s greatest brick-and-mortar restaurants for a city that pulses with as much on-the-go energy as New York.

Most of their fairly priced plates are also among our favorite cheap eats, with delectable dishes like flawless seafood, freshly fried falafel, juicy burgers, and a variety of other scrumptious snacks. Here are the greatest places to discover the best food trucks in new york city, some of which travel the streets and others that are permanently parked.

Let’s explore the best food trucks in New York City…


Best food truck new york city

You may taste a different taco every few yards if you exit the No. 7 line at the 74th Street-Broadway stop in Queens and proceed east along Roosevelt Avenue. On this Jackson Heights route, you will find every type of taco that is eaten in New York by the time you have traveled a mile, if not sooner. Tacos are available at retail food deli counters, sit-down restaurants and bars with neon Modelo signs, take-out taqueria window displays, sit-down restaurants and bars, and carts with vertical grills that roast rotating pink towers of marinated pig for tacos al pastor.

The truck’s actual name is Birria-Landia and one of the best food trucks in New York City. The reason for the line that forms at the window facing the sidewalk each afternoon and that dissolves and rematerializes multiple times until the truck pulls away, generally well after midnight, is birria, which also serves as the basis for the other items on the incredibly small menu.

Birria is a term used to refer to various things in Mexican culture. For people who are not referring to food, it represents trash, a mess, and something you should avoid attentively inspecting. In the state of Jalisco, it also refers to a piece of slow-cooked goat or other meat that has been spice-massaged and cooked, perhaps now in an oven rather than the traditional outdoor pit. When someone from Zacatecas hears the word “birria,” they immediately think of the party-size beef stew known as “birria de res.” When you mention birria, people in Tijuana and lately in more and more areas of Southern California are likely to visualize birria de res. Still, they will picture it on a taco.

Hard Time Sundaes

Hard Time Sundaes, rated one of the best food trucks in New York City, is known for its succulent burgers that drive local foodies, including some of New York’s top chefs, absolutely crazy. The Luncheonette in Mill Basin, Brooklyn, was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, so renowned chef Andrew Zurica made the decision to purchase a truck and continue selling his adored American fare on the streets. Because of its legendary deliciousness, Zurica’s food quickly attracted the attention of the media, and the rest is history. His signature “Hard Times Burger” is a single, double, or triple prime Angus burger with American cheese, slowly caramelized onions, and thick-cut hardwood smoked bacon on a buttered and grilled potato roll.

Everyone now knows where to go when they are in the mood for the ideal burger made with the finest and freshest ingredients. Of course, you must also order the traditional and creamy frozen delights, Brooklyn-style hot dogs, soups, fries, and other delicious foods at Hard Times. Make your way over to the Hard Time Sundaes truck for the ultimate taste of contemporary New York, along with an absolutely scrumptious all-American dinner.

King Souvlaki

Best food truck new york city

Lefteris made the decision to start his own cart after spending many years working on hot dogs and pretzel carts on the streets of New York City. He started selling authentic hand-skewered souvlaki that was grilled over hardwood charcoal in 1979, and the rest is history.

With the delectable fragrances of the grilling meat and the billowing smoke luring onlookers to our little nook of the neighborhood, he rapidly established himself as a local favorite in Astoria and the go-to place for Greek street cuisine.

Their uncle chose to retire after many years of toil, giving the keys to his two nephews Kostas and George. They continued their arduous labor to this day while remaining cheerful and welcoming. Their family business expanded, Kostas and George’s children, from the modest little cart their uncle left four food trucks and now an actual brick-and-mortar restaurant and among the list of best food trucks in New York City. This was a dream of ours that we finally realized thanks to the help of our neighborhood, our family and friends, and our devoted patrons

King of Falafel

Best food truck new york city

Once upon a time, Astoria’s falafel cart was lined with the subjects of a large, joyful king in Queens. Long lines, large portions, and Freddy Zeideia, the Falafel King of Astoria, the cart’s proprietor, all contributed to the establishment’s huge atmosphere.

But alas, the king’s kitchen was tiny, and he always dreamed of opening up his own Middle Eastern restaurant in the neighborhood he called “my comfort zone.” So when a chicken shop went dark on Broadway near 31st Street, a block from his longtime cart location at 30th Street, Mr. Zeideia pounced. He renovated the place and opened a restaurant, also called the King of Falafel & Shawarma, with a kitchen, storage, and serving space that is comparatively vast.

His restaurant’s logo features pictures of its food carts on the back wall. The identical foods that Mr. Zeideia is selling were twice recognized in 2010’s Vendy Awards competition for best street food. He was well-known for sporting rubber clogs and a chef’s costume with wacky designs and used his mother’s recipes. The shawarma pita, which is made of grilled marinated chicken, lamb, or beef and is topped with pickled turnips, lettuce, and onions on homemade pita bread, was also well-liked by customers, and the truck entered in the list of best trucks in New York City.

Taïm Mobile

Best food truck new york city

The acclaimed and genuine Middle Eastern menu from Chef Einat Admony and Stefan Nafziger, the husband and wife combination behind one of New York’s most popular and well-known falafel and smoothie spots, Tam, has been brought to the streets, and the neighborhood foodies could not be happier. This large, stunning truck started winning prizes as soon as it first emerged on the curbs, including “Best Truck” from New York Magazine and “Best Vegetarian Street Foods” from The Village Voice, among many others, and also got added in the list of best trucks in New York city.

With its mouthwatering array o’f sandwiches, platters, and salads that include homemade falafel, hummus, and other dishes, all cooked with the freshest ingredients, it makes sense. Additionally, their mouthwatering and revitalizing drinks like the ginger-mint-lemonade and smoothies like the date-lime-banana often draw large audiences. Be sure to include a stop at The Tam Mobile on your itinerary if you want to enjoy an excellent lunch while walking the streets of New York.

Wafels & Dinges

On Goldbelly, Wafels & Dinges delivers its renowned Belgian waffles all across the country! These 8 freshly baked Liège wafels are served with the renowned spekuloos spread, dulce de leche, and genuine Belgian chocolate fudge, three of Wafelss & Dinges’ most well-liked “dinges.” The regal life, ah!

In 2007, Belgian-born Thomas DeGeest launched a food truck in an effort to introduce people to the real deal after becoming dissatisfied with the “Belgian waffles” that were being sold in the US. Wafels & Dinges, which is spelled in the Flemish manner and is short for “stuff” (pronounced “ding-us”), has completely taken over the New York street food scene with the tag as among the best food trucks in New York City.